Roxhill Park – For You, By You

Roxhill Park (known by many as the Castle Park) is a fixture of the Westwood and Roxhill communities. It all started in 1955 at Roxhill Elementary, where the Roxhill Community Club pitched in and bought playground equipment for the kids. That was very nice of them. In 1960, the Westwood Village development gifted the city a large parcel of land. That was very nice of them. In 1995, the business community stepped up again, and built the play area we have today. That was very nice of them.

It’s our turn now.

The Castle Park is at end of life, and cool as it is, it isn’t ADA accessible. The Parks department mulled a number of ideas for play structures that frankly, looked like every other play structure in town. During the last of the community meetings on this project, some folks came forward and asked if there was not  a way to save the character of this park? Yes, but…

You have to build it.

We now have an amazing opportunity. This play structure can be rebuilt. It will be built by hand, with saws and hammers, nails and screws, and a whole lot of community. We have the chance to save an iconic place, and to rescue one park at least from a generic play experience. We have the gift of being able to watch children play here and say “I built this”. We have the chance to do something meaningful. This place matters.

I hope you’ll join me.


4 thoughts on “Roxhill Park – For You, By You

  1. Great Question! I’m working to have links set up soon to volunteer for this project through the Parks department, United Way, or directly through this page. In the interim, send an email to, and we’ll record you as an interested volunteer and get back to you.

    Additional information will be posted soon on specific needs, work schedules (shifts), and ways to be a part of this project outside of construction work.

    Thanks, and stay tuned!

  2. So cool the community took over this project. I’m very happy to hear there will be another castle in place of the one we loved. I’ve seen from the Seward Park makeover what the local community can do, so thanks to you who have already stood up for this. I will definitely get involved to help where I can.

  3. I had a thought, and it could all ready be planned,–hopefully not too late. I’d suggest a fence around the entire play area, or a special fenced in part for toddlers–for parents to be able to let their kids RUN without loosing sight of them, or worrying about them running out elsewhere, or being taken. 🙂 Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to seeing the completed park!

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