Four Hours

This park may go unrealized for the lack of a few more folks willing to give just a little more. There are currently about 68,000 people over the age of 18 in West Seattle. To date, this project has about 140 volunteers. A lot, but not nearly enough. If you are one of the 67, 860 adults in West Seattle who hasn’t yet signed up, don’t assume someone else will do the good work for you. Trust me, I do a lot of volunteering, I’ve run the numbers, and That isn’t happening.


I am asking you for 4 hours. If you care about parks, kids, social justice and equity, community, or crime – I’m asking you for 4 hours. Give this project 4 hours of your life and you will have made a difference. Sound like a stretch? It isn’t. This park has a direct link to all of these things. This place matters. In return, you’ll get fed by a local joint you love (check our site for food sponsors). You’ll get some great exercise (oh, hello calorie-rich holiday season, I wasn’t expecting you so soon). You will get the immense satisfaction of having joined in something larger than yourself and making a difference (I am not exaggerating this).


I’m asking for just 4 hours. Claim your place here:


Can’t do 4 hours, but still want a part of the action? This project has partnered with the West Seattle Tool Library, who will provide some of the tools and supplies that will build this park. We don’t have enough of either right now, and your gift or donation to the Tool Library will help the build the park and the library at the same time. To make a gift or donation to the West Seattle Library, contact Micah Summers, the Tool Library director –


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