Here We Go

You know that frantic, last minute, wait-did-I-remember-to-get-the-thing experience that you have right before a huge event that you’ve been planning for a year happens? I think you do. Part of it is great. Other parts, not so great. Either way, Inertia. And if not for inertia, few things of worth would ever happen.

We have got ourselves some inertia.

The West Seattle Blog has posted our most recent email to, well, everyone we have an email address for. Have a look. While you’re at it, forward it to some friends maybe.


2 thoughts on “Here We Go

    • Steve,

      Looking forward to seeing you. As of today, I believe we have most of our bases covered. I’ll try to do another inventory tomorrow, and post the info for Sunday and beyond. If you have tools that you are comfortable with, you may want to bring those regardless. (Today, I missed my hammer. There were hammers available, but I wanted My hammer, y’know?)

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