About The Project

The current/former “Castle” Park was built by Leathers and Associates. Leathers is an East Coast company who have a rather unique approach to building playgrounds. Their philosophy can be summarized as “a park is an extension of the community, because the community builds the park”. Unique designs, close working relationships with actual people who will actually play there, and materials (e.g. Trex) that don’t come with assembly instructions are all hallmarks of their work.

Through community input, Leathers was selected again as the contractor. The new play structure will be reminiscent of the Castle (it will also be castle-y), with lots of opportunity for imagination, climbing, running, hiding, and just being happy. There are also some improvements, for example, a smaller structure for smaller adventurers will be built separately. The tree will be preserved.

Because this play structure will be built primarily through volunteer effort, some enterprising folks applied for a Department of Neighborhoods Grant. This provided additional funding to build additional park (one downside to custom built projects and “real” materials is that they tend to cost a bit more, even when the labor is love). The DON granted this request, and the play structure expanded in scope. You can see the whole project, including the “extra” elements in the graphic above. (The top-down image doesn’t showcase castle elements, but you can see them here.)


2 thoughts on “About The Project

    • Mac,

      The address is on the sign up page, where we direct all volunteers. Still, duly noted, the official address on the Seattle Parks website is misleading. We are using the following address instead: 9200 29th Ave SW, (West) Seattle. It’s directly across the street from Target. Look for the construction site. Hope to see you there.

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