In Roxhill, they have a name for folks that go above and beyond, do the most excellent thing, or are just great in a general sense. The kind of folks who build parks for kids, for example. Roxstars. I’d like to introduce you to a few. (We’ll be adding to this list, let us know if there’s an omission). In their own way, each are contributing to a noble effort. Stop by when you’re hungry, recommend them when you get the chance, and if you meet them in passing a hi-five is more than appropriate:

There are the eateries who are sharing their goodness: Field Roast, Full Tilt Ice Cream, Husky Deli, Loretta’s Northwesterner, Pagliacci Pizza, Proletariat Pizza, Starbucks, Stuffed Cakes, Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering, Zats a Better Bagel, and Zippy’s Giant Burgers.

There are the business and organizations who are providing support: BECU, EarthCorps, Giannonis Pizza, Junction Business Association, Lafarge North America, ReCoop, The Grove West Seattle Inn, and West Seattle Tool Library.

There’s the steering committee, who took the idea of doing a great thing and made it viable: Amanda, Amber, Anna, Jenn, Lina, Meadow, and Whitney.

And there’s the Folks That Are Getting It Done: Linda P, Lashanna W, Toby H, John P, Peter N, Trisha S, Dianna C, Greg F, Annalee F, Progress F, Kevin N, John T, Rebecca D, Lisa S, Jeani F, Amy B, Josh W, Wolfe S, Mike D, George S, Donna B, Georgia B, Gabe T, Hanna S, William P, David T, Michael D, Gillian M, Michael T, Kirsten S, Erik K, Maya L, Leanne D, Kristi U, Chris, Chris W, Brander R, Thad W, Tommy D, Howard C, Jennifer C, Mary B, Sydney P, Cory C, Sharon C, Eric H, Megan S, Tim T, Lisa T, Michel H, Dan E, Steve P, Beth E, Dorsol P, Rafael G, Ian F, Toni W, Jon H, Seanix Z, Jay S, Ashley U, Hans U, Xenia A, Ellen Z, Tasha, Harmony H, Tom R, Jamie M, Cliff E, Kara F, Justin B, Cynthia C, Kayla W, Brian R, Steve H, Aaron A, Julie S, Amit S, Cory B, Alex M, Nastia K, Julie M, Amy L, Heidi K, Brandon K, Jim N, Al K, Chuck W, Margo B, Hilary J, Lisa T, Beth D, Jeff S, Parie H, Darrin S, Amanda S, Lauren W, Casey M, Victoria, Andy Z, Claire Z, Jen C, Terri G, Larry M, Bryan W, Griselda T, Omar T, Joseline Tapia, Karen T, Kari S, Chris S, Adriana H, Adrian A, Christine S, Callie D, Kim T, Amanda G, Searcy M, Max S, Sarah M, Brandon M, Misha S, Michael S, Matt S, Kevin K, Sarah K, Al B, Kate H, Dennis F, Cara C, Evan S, Tim B, Laith A, Jessica A, Tara B, Sam B, Beth G, Shira R, Pat B, Ashley O, Josh D, Steve M, Meredith N, Lori G, Kayla, David S, Jeff N, Alysia W, Rik K, Steve W, Michelle B, Rebecca A, Lisann L, Greens, Mary Q, Christiansons, Elisa T, Eileen M, Sue, Kam P, Brian G, Chris B, Angela B, Ellen C, Randy T, Gina A, Alfonso H, Janel L, Helaina P, Harmony C, Alice K, John L, Kristin W, Stuart W, Brent C, Brandy M, Jennifer M, Byron O, Laura O, Jesse D, Nick M, Joe S, Dawn P, Betsy H, Jesse N, Nathanael M, Brian Y, Jesse Y, Deborah M, Jun T, Debbie, Matt W, Tara K, Jackie W, Doug F, Israel, Sheila S, Evan B, Akhil P, Adriana A, John M, Bill E, Cass W, Bea F, Donna H, Cassidy S, Andres A, Natalie W…


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