The very first time I came to the Castle Park, I was struck by the signs. The very idea that a park could be paid for, made possible, by members of the community…it was great. It felt like something from a previous generation, when that’s how they did things – for no other reason than because it was the right thing to do.

I was little shocked to read the plaque, dedicating the park in 1994. Partially, because the park looks old (I mean this respectfully, it’s dignified). Partially because by the mid 90’s, there was a different sensibility from previous decades. But there it was, flying in the face of convention. And I loved the park even more.

There’s been a host of people who have worked on or for this park. I don’t know them all, I don’t know where (or if) their contributions are recorded. To all of them, thank you. Soon, the signs that hang now will come down, and I’d like to say thanks to those who are named as well:

Thanks, SeaFirst Bank

Thanks, 7-11

Thanks, Safeway

Thanks, Eastlee Family

Thanks, Burien Elks

Thanks, to those who loved Bret Bernasek

Thanks, Allstar Insurance


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