Signing up for this project is as easy as a really easy thing. Just click on this link (http://doodle.com/gusyyykv9zzrdksy) and select as many shifts as you like. If you have questions, check the FAQ’s below or send a message to the steering committee (roxhillcastle@gmail.com).

The nice thing about this project is there is seemingly no limit to the amount of opportunities for folks to get engaged. We have the following  needs:

  • Volunteer builders. The main priority is having enough. Right now, I am encouraging everyone to consider themselves project ambassadors and invite friends, co-workers, etc. to join them in this project. Bonus round, we still need a lot of skilled workers. If you know of any carpenters, contractors, or really handy folks, they are especially desired.
  • Food. We’re looking for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. If you have some great thoughts, info for helping coordinate care and feeding is below. We will be donating all perishable food to Nicklesville at the end of each day. Non-perishable food will go to the White Center and West Seattle food banks at the end of the build.
  • Tools. More than tools, actually, supplies too. A list will be posted to the roxhillcastle website as time allows. We will need basic things like shovels, complicated things like table saws, and then things like paint and plywood. The West Seattle Tool Library, Lowes, Home Depot, True Value, and McLendons are high on the list of places to inquire. All leftover tools and materials will be donated to the West Seattle Tool Library at the end of the project.
  • Fundraising. This is the not-main-thing-but-still-necessary category. There are parts of the project that will need to be covered with old-fashioned cash. An exact number for required funds is not known at this time. Unused funds (assuming they exist) will be donated to the benefit of the park or the community, wherever the need is greatest.

You can sign up for work days here: http://doodle.com/gusyyykv9zzrdksy

You can learn more about the project here: https://roxhillcastle.wordpress.com/

You can email here to let them know how you can help: roxhillcastle@gmail.com

You can donate food?? mmmgoodgravy@msn.com


Are there other ways I can help? Yes! The info above can be copied directly into an email and sent to others who might be interested.

Can anyone work on the build? Only those 18 and older can work in the construction area.

Will we work rain or shine? You bet. This project is similar to a barn-raising, we’ll work 5 days in a row, and at the end there’s a park.

Should I bring my own tools? You can if you like, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

Is this project 501c3? No, just a bunch of folks trying to do the most excellent thing.


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